Design is more than just visual. When considering a residential project, good design is about ensuring that people and spaces interact in the way that residents want. Often times, “community” refers to a geographic community but at Tonic “communities” refer to the myriad members of the LGBT+ spectrum who come together with a shared interest and common goal: greater wellbeing for older LGBT+ people as we age. At Tonic, we work directly with people to develop the types of housing that they want.

Older man doing yoga, meditation and laughing

The Community-led housing sector bodies have agreed a definition of Community-Led Housing that is based on core principles:

  1.  A requirement that meaningful community engagement and consent occurs throughout the process. The community does not necessarily have to initiate and manage the development process, or build the homes themselves, though some may do.

  2. The local community group or organisation owns, manages or stewards the homes and in a manner of their choosing.

  3. A requirement that the benefits of the scheme to the local area and/or specified community group are clearly defined and legally protected in perpetuity e.g. through an asset lock.

Since April 2018, Tonic has convened a Community Panel of older LGBT+ individuals which provides direct feedback on organisational matters as well as bringing new ideas and creative solutions to the table.